I dream in IT

Are you in school for IT?  

We understand that with so much to learn every day, the last thing you want to think about is your financial situation. That’s why we’ve designed simple and effective offers to make your day-to-day easier. So you can spend less time worrying about your future and more time having fun!


Refer a colleague or friend working in IT and we’ll give you $50 when they open an account.


(Exclusively for full-time university students)

  • Account with no monthly fees for the duration of your university studies;

  • Deposits, withdrawals, cheques, transfers, bill payments and direct payment purchases with a debit card;

  • No transaction fees;

  • Free access to AccèsD, our flexible personal finance management tool available online and on mobile.

  • Saving

    My savings plan

    • Flexible term savings (for 13 to 30 year olds);

    • Fixed interest rate of 1.10%;

    • Interest subsidized every year;

    • Bonus paid for reaching your savings goal;

    • Eligible for registered (RRSP, TFSA) and non-registered plans;

    • Set a savings goal and get the support of your loved ones to reach it faster;

    • Easy to use app to track your savings;

    • Save with a conscience thanks to the SociéTerre portfolio.  Available with a down payment of $500 or more, or periodic instalments of $25 or more, to invest responsibly.

    Hop ‘n S@ve

    An instant savings tool available on the app and AccèsD online. Create your savings project, choose a category and set your goals. It’s never too early (or too late!) to start saving.  

    My future in progress

    • A financial plan with advisor support to help turn your goals into reality. By setting goals and analyzing your financial situation, you can create a customized financial plan that includes advisor recommendations and a plan of action;

    • No fees.


Low interest line of credit

  • Preferential rate while you study;

  • Custom financing and support;

  • Pay interest only on the capital borrowed during your full-time studies;

  • Repay anytime during your studies without penalty;

  • Possible to defer your first capital repayment up to 12 months after you complete your studies;

  • Protection in case of overdraft.  

Credit card with rewards

  • No annual fees;

  • Up to 1% cash back on your purchases;

  • Customizable visual on card;

  • Email alerts to help you manage your credit;

  • 3-day travel insurance without fees;

  • Insurance for your mobile device;

  • Various discounts (gym memberships, car rentals, phone plans, hotels, etc.).

Scholarships and Contests  

IT scholarships

  • $6,000 in scholarships awarded every year, exclusively for IT students.

Exclusive contests

  • Never miss an opportunity to win. Throughout the year, you can take part in contests reserved exclusively for members of the IT community for a chance to win surprise gifts, tickets for IT events, tech giveaways, video games and more.

Desjardins Foundation awards and scholarships

  • Close to $2 million awarded by the Desjardins Foundation every year in scholarships, prizes and donations;

  • Several other forms of financial aid.


Conferences, webinars and tools

  • Prepare for your future career in IT with project planning;

  • Conferences hosted by IT experts;

  • Access to a range of high-performance tools.


Home, auto and liability

  • Competitive rates;

  • Complete and customized protection;

  • Quick and easy quote application online;

  • Insure your apartment for less than a dollar a day!

  • Double contract discount if you combine renter and auto insurance;

  • Same address discount up to 15% if you stay in one place for a year or more;

  • Years of experience as a primary driver in your home country may be recognized and may result in discounts for auto insurance;

  • $50 annual discount per insured car and free roadside assistance if you’re 25 or younger.


  • Complete and customized protection for dental work, physiotherapy and more;

  • Meeting with an expert.

Community engagement

Being a member of the Caisse des Technologies de l’information means being actively involved in the IT community. The caisse invests in, among other things, the following important causes:

  • Cyber addiction, in partnership with Fondation Le Grand Chemin, providing adolescents and their parents with information, identification and detection tools as well as treatment services, notably through dedicated centres;

  • Promoting and supporting women in IT. Women make up only a small share of IT professionals, and even fewer women hold decision-making roles. The caisse aims to improve these numbers, as well as the professional integration and career advancement of women in tech.

Becoming a caisse member means supporting your community. When you open an account with the caisse, we donate $25 on your behalf to these two important causes.


    Our professional support

    Leverage our support for your future career:

    • “My first job in IT”: access to internships and jobs posted by IT companies, Desjardins and its members and partners;

    • Networking with IT employers;

    • Invitations to Desjardins IT events;

    • Webinars hosted by IT specialists (investment funds, incubator leaders, entrepreneurs, etc.);

    • Build connections with IT job agencies;

    • Entrepreneurial support.

    Our personal support

    You can count on us at every stage of your life:

    • A dedicated advisor who understands your needs and knows how to help you reach your goals;

    • Flexible and extended hours;

    • Access to our online advisor tool, the simplest way to reach your advisor anytime, anywhere.

    • Multiple platforms to make your life easier—website, social media, newsletters and in-person meetings at your home, office or events. 

    • A team that understands the IT sector (governance of the caisse by the IT sector, advisors familiar with all aspects of the market);

    • Long-term support.