I innovate in IT

Do you run an IT company?

You’re an active player in the tech market, and serving your clients and taking care of your employees are just two of your key tasks. We know your list of tasks is likely very long. So let’s talk about our simple, concrete offers designed especially for you.   

Startup offer

The best financial institution to launch your business.


CRÉAVENIR is a program designed for young entrepreneurs aged 18 to 35 with a viable business plan, or with a business that’s less than 3 years old, looking for an alternative to traditional financing options.

The benefits:

  • Support and mentoring;

  • Financial aid in the form of loans (line of credit, credit card with preferential rates, etc.) and grants.  

(Subject to the project’s viability and meeting the required conditions).

Business and startup offer

Welcome to the IT caisse.

Welcome kit

  • Cash back paid to your account: from $75 to $125, and up to $250 off Desjardins HR and payroll service fees;  

  • Exclusive benefits and discounts on a range of products;  

  • Access to Desjardins experts and various support tools.  

(Reserved for new Desjardins business members who, within up to 6 months of opening an account, sign up for a transactional plan and a Free Business Solutions plan of $5,000 or more).

Offer for member companies of The Guild

Accelerate your success and contribute to the development of independent video games in Quebec.  

Member companies of The Guild benefit from:

  • A $75 rebate when you open the account;

  • Rebate on Welcome Kit membership;

  • 50% off payroll and HR service fees;

  • Personal injury insurance;

  • Financing support through our SEM members MTL and ACEM (Créavenir, micro-credit to companies).

Discover the full offer

Certain conditions apply.

    • Cash management

      Business accounts

      • Several possibilities including a business chequing account, savings account and Business Advantage account.


      • Several options depending on the number of transactions you make;

      • User fee savings for day-to-day operations;

      • Free registration to AccèsD Affaires (not including the optimal offer).

      Account services

      • Mobile or remote (by scanner) deposits at any time;

      • AccèsD Business card;

      • Cheque imaging;

      • Consolidation of accounts;

      • And more.

      International services

      • US banking and simple opening of a remote account;

      • Foreign chequing account;

      • Sending and receiving funds.

    Credit cards and financing  

    Credit card

    • Large choice of cards;

    • Additional cards at no cost;

    • Business Savings program that gives you 1% cash back on each purchase made with the business card;

    • Moniteco service to accept card payments.


    • Short-term: line of credit, revolving credit, operating line of credit, etc.;

    • Long-term: revolving credit, Accord D, term loan, etc.;

    • Real estate financing.

    Investing and placements

    • Brokerage services;

    • International asset management;

    • Guaranteed investments;

    • Mutual funds. 


    Damage insurance

    • Property and liability insurance;

    • Commercial vehicle insurance.

    Travel insurance

    • 24/7 assistance;

    • Various annual travel insurance options available.

    Life and health insurance

    • Life insurance;

    • Health and disability insurance.  

    Credit insurance

    • Loan insurance;

    • Business credit balance insurance.

    Payroll and HR management  


    • Management and support;

    • Low costs;

    • Payroll processing, deposits, standard reports, etc.;

    • Customer service.

    Group insurance

    • Full range of benefits;

    • Online and mobile tools for your employees.  

    Group retirement savings

    • RRSP, TFSA, DPSP, RRIF, etc.;

    • Useful information and resources for participants (e.g. retirement revenue projector tool).

    Community engagement

    Being a member of the Caisse des Technologies de l’information means being actively involved in the IT community. The caisse invests in, among other things, the following important causes:

    •  Cyber addiction, in partnership with Fondation Le Grand Chemin, providing adolescents and their parents with information, identification and detection tools as well as treatment services, notably through dedicated centres;

    • Promoting and supporting women in IT. Women make up only a small share of IT professionals, and even fewer women hold decision-making roles. The caisse aims to improve these numbers, as well as the professional integration and career advancement of women in tech.

    Becoming a caisse member means supporting your community. When you open an account with the caisse, we donate $25 on your behalf to these two important causes.


      Management and education

      • Dedicated advisor assigned to take care of your personal and corporate accounts;  

      • Mentoring for entrepreneurs;

      • Business transfer assistance;

      • Business acquisition assistance;

      • Access to our online advisor tool, the simplest way to meet with your advisor anytime, anywhere;

      • Training to better equip your employees in their financial lives.


      • Promotion of your job offers and internship opportunities on our website, newsletters, social media, etc.;

      • Workforce mobility: The caisse connects Quebec companies with foreign IT workers and the international organizations responsible for placing them in local companies (e.g. Montreal International);

      • Banking support for your employees with a special offer for new arrivals.

      IT expertise

      • An expert team that understands the IT sector;

      • Access to key partnerships;

      • Access to Desjardins’ internal network of specialists (Desjardins Lab, Entrepreneurial Journey program);  

      • Access to webinars and conferences hosted by other companies and IT specialists (in business acquisition, artificial intelligence, Crédit RID, EDC program, market trends, etc.).

      Building connections

      • Visibility between caisse IT companies;

      • Networking opportunities with IT newcomers and students.