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The I.T. world’s financial institution.

We’re invested in your interests

While you work to shape the future, we work to simplify your financial life. We’re committed to helping your investments grow to give you more freedom, all while contributing to the growth of Quebec’s IT sector. The result? A strong and committed community, and prosperity for all of our members.

We support your success

Our commitment goes far beyond the scope of a traditional financial institution. We don’t just work to ensure your success. We bring together and develop our close-knit network. We support you in all of your projects. We support the causes that matter to you most. And we make managing your personal and professional accounts easier than ever, all to support your financial independence.

We speak the same language

We understand your role and your realities. Our offer is tailor-made for IT players, from analysts and developers to consultants and video game pros.

Our products and tools are adapted to your needs, adding value at every step. And all of our administrators come from the world of IT.

    Obsessed with IT?

    You’re among the 222,000-plus players helping to develop the tech industry in Quebec. Your contribution helps improve lives today while shaping the future. Whether you’re a business owner, employer, employee, freelancer or a student in IT, we provide a range of offers tailored to your needs so you can continue to improve the industry.